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About Me

Hello everyone!


My name is Aaron Gingerich and I want to welcome you to Aaron G. Comics!


I have been drawing and making art all my life. I even started self publishing books a few years ago.


I’ve always wanted to be a comic book artist so I decided to be my own comic book artist. I have decided to take all of my stories and do something I’ve always wanted to do: make them into graphic novels!


On this website is where you’ll find my work. Right now you’re able to read my first complete 125 page graphic novel: Reno and Cherry Bomb: Pack Family.


Also, I have the start of my new graphic novel: Heathens At The Hotdog Cart. Right now, you are able to read the first few pages of this title and regular weekly updates will be added.


Everything on my site will be FREE to read and enjoy, so have at it!


And if you like the content please consider supporting me though my Patreon page.


I am very excited to be starting this project and I will have a lot more stories to come!


Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out the site!

Aaron G.

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